Fee Payment for Needy Students

PM Fee Payment Programme is for those needy students who can not afford payment of their fee while studying in public sector universities of Pakistan. Students who belong to the divisions of Multan, Bahawalpur and DG Khan will be eligible for this scheme from Punjab.

With the aim of encouraging pursuit of higher education, the scheme will provide scholarships for post graduate degrees (MA, MSc or higher level) to students, male and female, belonging to remote and under-privileged areas of the country.

Fee Payment for Needy Students

The tuition fee of the program selected by the scholarship holder will be financed under this scheme and paid directly to the relevant university.

Eligibility Criteria:

All students, male and female, registered in a Masters/Ph.D program in an HEC approved public sector educational institution are eligible to apply to the scheme.

Geographical Spread:

Students domiciled in interior Sindh, Southern Punjab (Divisions of Multan, Bahawalpur and DG Khan), Balochistan, less developed areas of KP (Malakand, Kohistan and DI Khan), GB and FATA are eligible to apply for the scheme.

Average Tuition Fees:

The average annual tuition fee to be financed under the scheme is Rs.40,000.

Total Number:

A total of 30,000 students will receive scholarships.

Budget Allocation FY 2013-14:

An annual budget of Rs.1.2 Billion has been allocated to the scheme for the financial year 2013-2014.

Executing agency:

Higher Education Commission (HEC) would be the executing agency for the scheme. The Ministry of Education and Trainings will collaborate and be responsible for its implementation on the ground.

All the students from Balochistan will be considered eligible in the programme. While for KPK, only less developed areas like Malakand, Kohistan and adjoining areas of DI Khan along with students from Gilgit Baltistan and FATA will benefit from this scheme. Fee Payment for Needy Students will be handled by HEC Pakistan.

12 thoughts on “Fee Payment for Needy Students

  1. I am a student of IQRA University. I am a needy one How could I apply for this opportunity.Kindly inform me on my email adress.

  2. I have completed my M.SC RECENTLY. now i want to get admission in M.Phil and cant afford the M.Phil fee. My SCPA in M.SC is 3.6

  3. I belong to far flung area of district Dir lower in KPK .I have face financial problem which effect our it is very useful program for student like me to continue my study properly.

  4. Asslam Alaikum sir i have passed DAE “computer information technology” Recently.. i want to make a software house and research center in which i will research on Islam and science.. but we have money problem .. i need a help in this matter … help me

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