What is the eligibility criteria for PM Youth Laptop Scheme?


  1. Who is eligible for PM Youth Laptop Scheme?

  2. Who is eligibility criteria for PM Youth Laptop Scheme?

  3. Am i eligible for getting the PM Free Laptop?

  4. Do all the students will be considered eligible for the Laptops?


PM Youth Laptop scheme is for students who are enrolled in:

  1. Students in Under-graduate degrees like B.Sc. / B.S. / B.Sc. (Hons.) / M.Sc.
  2. Students in Post-Graduate Degree Programs

Now there has been division for the distribution of laptops.

100% of all the students in post-graduate courses will be eligible for the provision of free laptops.

Now coming towards under-graduate courses, only the top 50% students will get the laptops. Not all the students of Bachelors program will be given laptops in Prime Minister’s National Laptop Scheme. A formula has been devised to allocate the number of laptops per university. It will depend on the number of enrolled students and number of degree programs offered by a specific university.

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    with due respect.sir i am student of DAE in computer 2nd year.sir my result is announced my total marks are about 650 with 2 books in supple math and english..
    but in computer programming my marks 110 out off 150.
    without supple my present age is between 60 to 75%.
    In 2nd year totally computer work .i have no person laptop plz ..
    because in 2nd year bht achy marks aa shkty board ROLL NUMBER 75356…

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