Which documents are required to apply for PM Youth Loan?

PM Youth Loan form is available to the citizens of Pakistan. The following documents are required in combination with the PM Youth Loan form.

  • Application Form
  • Copy of Computerized Identity Card Number
  • Feasibility Report for the business category applied
  • Educational / Experience Certificate (If any) It is not required if you are not educated.

After your business loan application is accepted then the bank will ask you to provide two guarantees if your loan amount is below Rs. 749,999 otherwise you will be required to submit the papers of property or gold as deposit to the respective bank if the amount of loan is equal to or greater than 7,50,000 to 20,00,000.

All the photocopies should be attest by a notary public representative.

2 thoughts on “Which documents are required to apply for PM Youth Loan?

    • You can visit visit nearest National Bank of Pakistan Branch or First Women Bank Limited to get help. If SMEDA is located in your vicinity, they can better help in planning the business and preparation of documents required to apply for loan.

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