Questions asked during PM Youth Business Loan Inauguration Ceremony

PM Youth Business Loan Inauguration Ceremony was held on December 7, 2013. It was viewed and listened over TV, radio and Internet by millions of young people of Pakistan. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif himself answered the following questions of the loan ceremony

The following questions were asked by the audience of the ceremony:

1. Kaneez Fatima, Gilgit Baltistan

She asked about the transparency about the PM Youth Loan Scheme?

2.  Women from Kaghan

She said the she has five children no home and was flooded two times.  She want to establish a stitch center at Kaghan.

3. Haris Azeez, PEEF Endowment Scholar, NUST Islamabad

If we get loss in the business, then what will be done with us?

4. Kaif, Representative of Trans-Gender

She wanted to get special quota

5. Sarwat Tahira, Kasur (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad)

She wanted to start a Mobile veterinary clinic.

6. Aasia (Rawalpindi)

She started business of cosmetics and wants to know whether the people who are completely uneducated, whether they are eligible to get the loans?

7. Sibgha Tahir (PEEF Foreign Scholar) M.Sc. Genetics and Bioinformatics

She wanted to start a Research Institute in Pakistan.

8. Mariyam, Lahore, Punjab

Is there any limit on business area basis?

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