Templates for PM Youth Business Loan

Govt. of Pakistan has planned to provide small business loans to the youth of Pakistan. These loans are on 8% interest. National Bank of Pakistan and First Women Bank Limited are the nominated banks which will act under the guidance of State Bank of Pakistan. SMEDA is the facilitating organization which has published per-feasibility reports and business templates.

PM Youth Business Loan scheme will offer loans up to 20 lakh. The business templates can be downloaded as they provide an overview of how to create a business plan. These templates are published in Urdu and English as well.

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[wpdm_file id=2]

These financial calculators are also available to download.By using these excel based calculators, candidates can plan a better sketch of their business and when and how much amount to return to the bank.

[wpdm_file id=4]

PM Youth Business Loan Guideline

business plan guidance

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