HEC issues tender for supply of PM Youth Laptops

Higher Education Commission has issued the tender for the procurement of laptops and their bags for distribution in 2014. The laptops purchase process is going on. 100 thousand laptops are going to be delivered to all public sector universities under PM Youth Laptops Scheme 2014.

Tender: Prime Minister’s (National) Program for Provision of Laptops to Talented Students under PM Youth Laptops Scheme

The Higher Education Commission, Pakistan invites bids for procurement of one hundred thousand (100,000) Laptop Computers during the Financial Year 2013-14, directly from the interested manufacturers/ principals (Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMs) under the scheme “Prime Minister’s (National) Program for Provision of Laptops to Talented Students”

The bidder must:

  1. Be a registered body duly recognizable in Pakistan.
  2. Be registered with FBR for Tax purposes.
  3. Have registered suppliers/ partners with sufficient financial, technical and human resources OR own arrangements to complete the project within prescribed time limit on the finalization of contract.

Though the prime objective of the project is provisioning of laptops to talented students, however bidders are required to give firm’s written commitment (on legal instrument) to establish local Assembly Line for the future procurement(s) of laptops by Federal Government under the same scheme. Bidders who do not provide the written commitment shall not be eligible to participate in this and future tender(s) under same scheme.

Interested OEMs are requested to obtain the detailed RFP on payment of Rs. 10,000/- (nonrefundable) from the Accounts Section, Finance Division, Higher Education Commission, Sector H – 9, Islamabad – Pakistan on any working day prior to submission date. Last date for submission of the bid is February 25, 2014 at 1400 hrs and tender will be opened on the same day at 1430 hrs in HEC, Sector H – 9, Islamabad, in the presence of bidders who chose to attend. Pre-bid meeting will be held on Thursday the February 13, 2014 at 2.00 pm in the Video Conference Lecture Hall, Higher Education Commission, Sector H – 9, Islamabad. The bidders should submit a bank draft (from scheduled bank) equal to 2% of the bid value, which must accompany the bid as part of financial proposal as earnest money drawn in favor of D.G. (Finance), Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. This tender is being executed under PPRA rule 36(b) “Single Stage – Two Envelope”. HEC reserves the right to accept/ reject any or all the bids/ tenders at any stage. Copy of RFP is available at both HEC ( and PPRA ( websites.

Tender PM National Program for Provision of Laptops 2014

The tender was issued by Project Director Prime Minister’s (National) Program for Provision of Laptops to Talented Students (PMNLS). Higher Education Commission has taken this task seriously and is trying to make this process as faster as possible. As Higher Education Commission has already started collecting data from all the universities which are working under the rules and regulations. PM Youth Laptops Scheme is for whole Pakistan and it is a National Scheme.

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