PM National Program for Provision of Free Laptops 2014

Youth Laptops 2014

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s scheme for the distribution of 100k Free Laptops 2014 (current year) through HEC is under process and will be completed by the end of the financial year 2014 in June. All the universities have been asked to collect data of their students as quickly as possible.

As this scheme will cover at least 82 Higher Education Institutes which fall in the category of Public Sector Universities in Pakistan. Among them, four are located in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, 5 in Balochistan, 14 in Islamabad, one in Gilgit-Baltistan, twenty in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, twenty two in Punjab and sixteen in Sindh.

There will an online portal from where all the data will be handled and a specific CNIC (i.e. of student) will be allotted the serial number of his/her laptop. The data will be open and provide a transparent way of distribution.

The budget for the purchase and distribution of laptops was allotted in 2013-14 so the purchase and distribution process will hopefully be completed by the end of June 2014.

Nawaz Sharif has always intended to promote youth and the current PM Youth Schemes and especially PM National laptop Scheme will help students of all levels to get more knowledge and access to information along with a better way to do research.

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