GCU Faisalabad Eligible and Selected Students for Laptops 2014

Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) has issued the completed lists of students who are eligible for Laptops in 2014. The students from these lists will be selected on later stages on merit criteria which has been issued by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

GCU Faisalabad Eligible Students

Not Eligible Students

Three thousand Eight Hundred and Thirteen (3813) students have been found eligible from under-graduate degrees and Five Hundred and Seventy Three (573) students of post-graduate degree programs are eligible under this program.

It is hoped that all students from GCUF will get laptops but the final number of students who will be awarded laptops will depend on the issuance of selected students list from HEC, Pakistan.

The lists are finalized by the authorities of GCU Faisalabad. If you find any error or your name has not been added and you fall on merit criteria issued by GCUF, you may contact the focal person responsible for he preparation and issuance of lists.

2 thoughts on “GCU Faisalabad Eligible and Selected Students for Laptops 2014

  1. Kindly Maryam Nawaz sahiba include the students of university of Sargodha Lahore campus in laptop scheme distribution 2014…..

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