Haier 7G – 5H will be provided to students

HEC Pakistan has approved the bid of Haier for the provision of laptops among students in fiscal year 2014. Haier 7G – 5H will be provided to students. 100 thousand laptops will be delivered to Pakistan and will be distributed in June 2014. HEC has made all necessary arrangements for receiving and holding ceremonies of laptop distribution across Pakistan.
pm laptop

The technical requirements were met by Haier and the laptops will be of Intel ® Core™ i3 4005 CPU @1.7GHz and model “Haier 7G – 5H” is approved.

Haier Laptop Specifications

According to HEC document:

Haier Electrical Appliance Corp. Ltd. at a total price of US$ 47,430,000 (if by Air shipment) or at US$ 46,512,000 (if by Sea shipment) or  combination of two freight modes for the supply and Commissioning of 100,000 Laptop Computer (Haier 7G-5H), for approval.

It was hoped that Dell / HP will get the contract but Haier came with the bid and got successful at the lowest cost.

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