Youth Laptops Tender awarded to Haier Electrical Appliances

Islamabad (17th April 2014): Youth Laptop tender has been awarded to Haier Electrical Appliances. The laptops will be distributed from June, 2014 in whole Pakistan. Youth Laptops is a good step towards empowerment of youth towards information technology.

According to HEC, Pakistan, only nine bidding documents were sold till last date. The advertisements were printed out in all major newspapers three times to ensure ta healthy competition. Out of these nine sold bidding documents, only three could submit final bids upto due date April 14, 2014.

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The names of the bidders who took part in Youth Laptops Bidding process are as under:

  1. M/S COMSATS technologies JV with M/S TongFang
  2. M/S Haier Electrical Appliance Corp. Ltd. China
  3. M/S ZTE Pakistan

Technical Specifications: Intel ® Core™ i3 4005 CPU @1.7GHz

Model: Haier 7G – 5H

Total cost per Laptop with Software, Freight and without Taxes US$ 388.2. The cost of laptop is (with Software, Freight and with Taxes) is US$ 474.3.

According to Maryam Nawaz, laptop distribution ceremonies will be starting from June 2, 2014.

Director General (IT) who is acting as Project Director (PMNLS) has issued the notice with this ending paragraph of the document:

The Tender Committee meeting again held on April 17, 2014 and recommended the lowest bid of M/s Haier Electrical Appliance Corp. Ltd. at a total price of US$ 47,430,000 (if by Air shipment) or at US$ 46,512,000 (if by Sea shipment) or combination of two freight modes for the supply and Commissioning of 100,000 Laptop Computer (Haier 7G-5H), for approval.

In pursuance of the recommendations of Tender Committee, M/s Haier Electrical Appliance Corp. Ltd. is declared as the ‘Successful bidder’ with the approval of Competent Authority. The recommendations of the Tender Committee were also presented in the 3rd meeting of Project Steering Committee held on April 18, 2014 and the same was endorsed by the Project Steering Committee.

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