“Apna Ghar” Prime Minister’s Low Income Housing Programme

Maryam Nawaz, Chairperson of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, had a meeting held on the issue of Apna Ghar Scheme. These will be low cost houses built for the poor people. These houses will be provided to such people who have no homes and are shelter-less.

About 5 lakh houses will be built and will be handed over to such people under this scheme. The meeting was attended by Federal Secretary Mr. Younas Dhagha. It was told there that 6 billion rupees have been allocated for this purpose. Secretary Housing and Works assured the meeting that the project will be completed in a 4-year phased plan. Ministry of Housing and Works was ordered to make a master plan and to prepare a comprehensive plan for this scheme.

The application procedure will be announced later on and forms will be available to download after a certain procedure has been adopted.

The notice issued by Govt. of Pakistan states that Maryam Nawaz will take no pay against this job done:

“The Chairperson revealed that apart from working voluntarily for the PMYP, she would also work on the PM’s Apna Ghar Scheme to be implemented in letter and spirit as per announcement of the Prime Minister in October 2013.”

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