PM Nawaz Sharif Speech at Laptop Scheme Ceremony

Prime Minister delivered speech at Laptop Scheme Ceremony held at Islamabad. About 2 thousand students have been given laptops in the ceremony. The students have been awarded laptops on merit. These students are enrolled in post-graduate programs at 11 universities of Islamabad whose list was issued few days ago.

The laptops are manufactured by Chinese company, Haeir and cost about 45 thousand PKR. In the open market, the worth of such laptops is more than 50 thousand Pakistani rupees.

Seventeen hundred and forty students attended the ceremony. Nawaz Sharif said that we will continue the laptop scheme in next years too.

Prime Minister said that he was advised not  to come in the Laptop Ceremony as there are a large number of threats. But he had came there regardless of all the security threats. He prayed for peace to progress in Pakistan.

PM Nawaz Sharif Speech (Video)

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