Prime Minister Apna Ghar scheme

Maryam Nawaz is taking the leading role in preparing draft and finalizing a revolutionary scheme for the homeless people of Pakistan. Prime Minister Apna Ghar scheme will be launched soon. This scheme will provide homes to the homeless people.

This step is highly beneficial as the poor people are unable to construct their house even in their whole life span. Construing a home has become a dream for such people. This step, if taken soon, will be highly appreciated by the people of Pakistan and will increase the vote bank of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz).

Maryam Nawaz shared the following on her official facebook page:

“First Presentation on Prime Minister Apna Ghar scheme. Because this revolutionary scheme has been in limbo,I might as well take it up.

PMs Apna Ghar scheme is planned to provide houses to 500000 families but hamstrung to red tape,couldn’t start. I will IA realise PMs vision.”

Prime Minister Apna Ghar Scheme

Maryam Nawaz presenting on Prime Minister Apna Ghar Scheme

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