Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Yellow Cab Scheme 2014

The Youth of Punjab, Pakistan are eligibility for Punjab Yellow Cab Scheme 2014. 50 thousand Yellow Cabs (actually in green colour) will be given to young people. Chief Minister Punjab has approved the scheme and departmental procedure has been laid out. Govt. of Punjab has also singed an MoU with Bank of Punjab for the provision of these 50k yellow cabs.

Eligibility Criteria Punjab Yellow Cab Scheme 2014

The eligibility criteria for Yellow Cab Scheme 2014 is given below:

  • Punjab Domicile(Any District)
  • Education at-least Matriculation
  • Valid driving license
  • 21 to 35 years of age
  • Unemployed (Without Job)
  • Assets below Rs. 2 million
  • Not defaulter of bank, No criminal record

Quota system will be followed and the number of vehicles allotted per tehsil will be public soon.

It is also hoped that if the number of applicants will be lesser, then Govt. of Punjab may decrease the level of education further. But at the moment, this is the final eligibility criteria which was also followed few years earlier.

Download Application form (Apna Rozgar Scheme)


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