HEC Student Portal: Data of MS. M.Phil and Ph.D. added

Higher Education Commission has added data of almost all the eligible students from all universities of Pakistan. The students are asked to validate their data as soon as possible.

Students have to select the location district of the university and then the name of the university in the next box. Then a list will be shown where the student has to select “Validate” in front of his name.

Learn: How to validate?

This verification process has been started to ensure 100% transparency in the whole process. It is also hoped that all the postgraduate students will be getting laptops soon. HEC Student Portal is especially developed for this process.

The Youth Laptops are of Haeir Company and have been handed over to 11 universities of Islamabad. Please note that this verification process and lists are only for the post-graduate students of all the universes of Pakistan.

After you have read all this, please follow the below link and verify yourself.


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