Data of Bachelor and Master level students uploaded on HEC Student Portal

Data of all the universities from Punjab, Sinfh, Balochistan, KPK and AJK is updated on daily basis. The data of students for validation purpose has been successfully added on HEC Student Portal where students can validate themselves easily.

The data of students of bachelors or masters programs of the following universities have been added recently:

  • University of Poonch, Rawalakot, AJK
  • University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muzaffarabad, AJK
  • Mirpur University of Science & Technology, Mirpur, AJK

Students can visit the HEC Students Portal for verification from the below link.

HEC Student Portal

HEC has also issued last notice for students to validate themselves, otherwise they will have no right to get their laptops from HEC. The notification says:

Students are again advised to validate their records within the stipulated extended time period. Record validation date for students studying in PhD/ MPhil/ MS (or equivalent) has been extended till October 31, 2014 and for students studying in Bachelors or Masters (16 year) degree program till November 16, 2014. This is final call and students who do not validate their records within the stipulated time may not be considered as eligible for the said scheme

Please use your own email id, CNIC and mobile number for validation process as the provided data will be used for further processing, In case of incorrect data or same email id used on behalf of other students may lead to cancellation of validation process.

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