Hazara University Mansehra Laptop Distribution on 1st November 2014

Haier laptops are going to be distributed in Hazara University Mansehra on 1st November 2014. The students of HU Mansehra have been informed accordingly. Laptops hav already arrived in HU, Mansehra.

Currently, the students studying in MS, MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D. programs in all departments of Hazara University Mansehra are informed to collect the laptops from their university. The email which have been sent from Project Director (PMNLS) to the students states that:

You will receive a Laptop (Haier brand) along with accessories, Backpack Bag (Haier brand), EVO Internet device (PTCL brand) and a Certificate of Award duly signed by the honorable Prime Minister, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The EVO devices that are being given to the students will have 3 months free internet usage, after that they will have to pay nominal charges on monthly basis.

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