Karachi university Laptop distribution ceremony

In Karachi University, laptop distribution was held on 11th November 2014 in which 3,870 laptops for students of KU out of them 170 PhD and MPhil students. The university remained closed during the laptop distribution ceremony. Nehal Hashmi was present at the ceremony to represent Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz.

karachi uni laptop distribution

According to APP, the distribution ceremony of PM’s Laptop Scheme was held at Karachi University on Tuesday. There are total 3,870 laptops for students of KU out of them 170 PhD and MPhil students who got registered themselves for the scheme received today the free laptops along with free internet devices.

On the occasion, Ismail Raho, President PML-N Sindh addressing to the ceremony said that federal government had played its part in the field of education by distributing free laptops among the students as they could met modern educational standards. He said that education was much vital for every nation and their country. Countries which had educated nations they never remain backward, he added.

Nehal Hashmi, General Secretary PML-N Sindh on the occasion said that distribution of these free laptops go to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Marium Nawaz Sharif. He further said that present government of PML-N would make all-out efforts for the students and the people of the country.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser, Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi said that this the age of knowledge and these laptops would play an important role to impetus the education of students. “In this modern age if you don’t update your knowledge you go back”, he said.

Dr. Qaiser further said that It was the historic day in the history of the university and now depends upon the students how they utilize these laptops to update their knowledge. (Source: Rashid Ali Panhwer/APP)

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