Laptop Distribution Ceremony in University of Balochistan

A laptop distribution ceremony was held in University of Balochistan (UoB) on 22nd October 2014 and on 7th November 2014. These pictures were taken during the handing over of Haier laptops among the M.P hil, Ph.D students of UoB.

About 250 laptops were distributed in this phase (7th November 22014). Earlier, some students complained of irregularities in the distribution held on 22nd October 2014. It is expected that the distribution has been transparent and none of the ineligible students given laptops.

The third phase will start soon, for the students of under graduates. The VC thanked the PM Nawaz Sharif at the end for launching this scheme for students.

UoB Laptop Distribution

The Vice Chancellor of Balochistan University, Dr. Javed Iqbal, addressing during the laptop distribution ceremony. (22nd October, 2014)

UoB Laptop Distribution Picture

Abdul Qadir Baloch addressing the audience present in the beautiful laptop distribution.

Below is the picture gallery of the laptop distribution ceremony.

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