Laptop distribution in PMAS ARID University on 5th November 2014

The laptop distribution ceremony date has issued by HEC for Pir Mehar Ali Shah ARID University, Rawalpindi. All eligible and validated students of MS, M.Phil and Ph.D. have been intimated through emails.

Students will be awarded with Haier (7G 5H) model laptops, Evo devices with free 3 months internet and laptop bag. A certificate duly signed by the Prime Minister will also be given congratulating students for this great achievement.

The students of Pir Mehar Ali Shah ARID University, Rawalpindi are requested to bring their original computerized national identity card along with their ARID University Identity card for verification purposes. The students failing to have these two documents may face problems in receiving laptops.

Representatives of HEC and Haier will be present at the event to ensure their is no mismanagement and all process goes smooth and transparent. This will ensure proper handing over of laptops to the talented students of Pir Mehar Ali Shah ARID University, Rawalpindi.

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