A tree that produces 40 fruits a year

Van Aken, an art professor, has developed a fruit tree that grows and produces 40 fruits a year. The fruits that are produced by this plant are stone fruits.

All this started from an information when he found that NY State Agricultural Experiment Station was about to close its research on that topic due to lack of funding.

Then, Van Aken also came to know that the work which was being done there was very important to save the varieties of fruit tress which would soon become extinct. He bought that orchard and then spent his time to graft the antique varieties on a  single tree.

He collected information regarding all the varieties and then grafting the buds of other varieties on a single tree in such a manner that the timeline to blossom does not coincide with each other.

As, the varieties belonged to stone fruits, hence it includes, cherries, plums, almonds, pears and related varieties fruits. It blossoms in spring and starts producing different types of flowers. It took a time of 5 years to graft and the tree that bears 40 fruits was finally ready.

van aken tree produces 40 fruits

Van Aken was invited to TEDx where he presented his story how he did that. He said that he worked on 250 different stone varieties and have managed to grow them at his nursery.