Award of degree linked with laptop

Laptops have been given to students as per HEC policy. Now, Ayesha Ikram has announced that degrees will be awarded to such students who will show their laptops. It has been done to prevent the selling of laptops by the students.

It was came into the notice of HEC that many students are selling their laptops on internet. To control this selling, HEC has announced that the degrees will be awarded to only such students who will have their laptops at the time of award of degree. If they have lost in any case, they will be required to show an FIR for the loss of laptop.

Earlier, it was observed that a number of students had posted offer for sale of Haier laptop on online portals. It is well known that some of the students had sold the laptops already.

This step will help in proper use of laptops and will enable the authority to stop illegal selling of these laptops. The laptops have been given to the talented students for their educational purpose.

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