HEC extends date of returning laptops

Higher Education Commission, Pakistan has extended the date for returning the laptops to HEC to 31st December, 2014. The laptops were wrongly given to hundreds of students.

The laptops were being given to the students who have not taken laptops in previous scheme. Further, the students must not have been doing any sort of job.

The thing came in the notice of HEC when tempering in the undertaking form was observed by officials. The students of a particular university have reprinted the undertaking form and had removed the option of “Are you doing some job?” and submitted the same. All such students have been able to receive the laptops.

As per official notification and policy, no such students should be allowed who are doing job and have already availed such facility.

About 7 hundred students have returned the laptops already to HEC. Now, these students have been given extension in returning the laptops to HEC till 31st December, 2014. After that, strict action will be taken against all such students through the university administration.

It is advised to all such students that if they have received the laptops against the merit formed by HEC, then they must return it considering it as their moral duty.

hec laptop return