PK: A controversial movie by Amir Khan

Bollywood has been able to produce movies that hit millions of movie lovers. This new movie “PK” is being under criticism that has touched religious matters. Amir Khan has played the main role as an alien that came on planet earth, losing his remote control here and then trying to get back the remote control.

amir khan

In this movie, Amir Khan has played role as alien that came on earth. He lost his remote control by which he could go back to the place from where he had came.

He met with people who claimed that his remote control can only be brought back with the powers of “God”. He finds it soon that he has got stuck while he tried to make every “God” from all the religions.

There are a number of times in which Amir Khan has pointed out simple but thoughtful questions.

According to a BBC news report, the reporter had seen personally a number of weeping people in the cinema while Amir Khan was counting his efforts to get the remote control back.

Some people have congratulated Amir Khan and director of PK for producing this movie but at the same time a community is asking others not to watch the movie and sending their messages with hashtag #boycottPK.