Educational institutes in Punjab opening from 12th January 2015

After security threats all educational institutes in Punjab were closed in Punjab. This step was taken after the Peshawar school attack on 16th December 2014. The schools will be having regular work from 12th Jan 2015.

Shahbaz Sharif (Chief Minister of Punjab) has clearly mentioned on her social media account that all schools and educational institutes in Punjab will be opening from 12th January 2015. This notice is equally applicable to the private schools and colleges in Punjab.

All the educational institutions of Punjab will open from January 12, 2015 throughout the province. All government and private schools, colleges and universities will start their academic activities from January 12. However, no educational institution will be allowed to open before January 12. This order will be equally applicable to public and private educational institutions.

A number of steps have been taken in schools to prevent any further attack on any school in Punjab. The outer boundary has been increased to 8 feet, CCTV cameras have been installed, concrete barriers in front of the schools, search lights, security guards and a number of other other steps that will ensure the security of teachers and students.

Now, the holidays will be ending and children will again start going regularly to their schools.