HEC needs to address inadmissible laptop policy

Higher Education Commission has not been able to entertain all the students of bachelors level degree students in its scheme that awards laptops to them. A large number of students have rejected this repugnant policy of depriving students from the award of laptops.

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student protest against HEC

The students have shown great anger over this policy in which many students who have greater CGPA than others, studying in the same university, are unable to get laptops.

In the list issued for Kinnaird College for Women University, Lahore, a female student having CGPA 3.02 is selected while a number of students above 3.50 are not selected. Such cases can be traced easily in all the universities.

Th demands of students is to provide laptops to all students, not just to some selected students as it is not acceptable by them that studying in the same university, students having less CGPA are being awarded laptops.

This policy is making the students using harsh words against on social media against Higher Education Commission. It is pertinent to guide all such students that they can write to HEC if they think anything has been done against merit to the officer at following address:

The students can also reach Federal Ombudsman (Wafaqai Muhtasib) for lodging their complaint against HEC if their complaint is legitimate and not being fulfilled by the Higher Education Commission. The complaint to Federal Ombudsman can be made online from the option “Complaints > Online Complaint”.

Then select the agency against which complaint is being launched, and HEC is available in the listed agencies. But before lodging complaint, do get a reply from Higher Education Commission for your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the justification provided by them, do go for complaint against HEC.

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