Imran considers marriage news as “exaggerated”

Imran Khan, chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, who is a former cricket start reported married to BBC weather girl Reham Khan. Imran Khan has turned down the rumors by saying his marriage news are Imran considers marriage news as “exaggerated”.

The news were widespread after local rumors and then these were published in leading newspapers. Imran Khans’s sister rejected the rumors earlier and then at the last Imran Khan also responded saying his marriage news are exaggerated.

Imran Khan has been extremely busy in his sit in which was held in Islamabad for more than 4 months and it could not have been possible for him to look into his marriage ceremony or any other activity other than his politics.

The rumors got more attention when readers were told that her ex wife Jemima had changed her name from Jemima Khan to Jemima Goldsmith saying that Imran Khan is going to marry someone soon.

Some of the news papers have reported that Imran’s sisters were against this marriage.

Reham Khan is a divorcee and have three children at this time.

After Imran’s tweet, it can be said that the news of his marriage are fake and in his own words:

The reports of my marriage are greatly exaggerated!