Imran Khan: Marriage is not a crime

Imran Khan held a press conference today in which he also spoke about his marriage affairs. He said marriage is not a crime and he will announce a good news this week. Imran’s marriage news have been reported by international news papers also.

Imran was in UK few days back and news reports claim that he had met with Jemima Khan (her ex wife) to get blessings from her. He has been denying his marriage news and saying them exaggerated.

imran khan marriage crime

There are some slogans that are becoming famous these days on social media, few of them are as

Bhabhi aa nahi rahi, bhabhi aaaa gye ha!

Shadi ho nahi rahi, ho gae ha!

Imran said in press conference on 6th January 2015 that they will gather on 18th January at D Chwok, Islamabad to pay homage to the martyrs of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.

Imran Khan also demanded the establishment of judicial commission before 18th January 2015.