Imran Khan’s secret marriage with Reham Khan

Imran Khan has married to an ex BBC weather reporter Reham Khan, says a UK newspaper. The news published in Daily Mail (UK) says the news reports from Pakistan confirms that Imran Khan has married to Reham Khan. According to them, Jemima Goldsmith also removed the word “Khan” from her name due to Imran Khan’s interests in second marriage.

Imran Khan marries Reham Khan

This secret marriage has been denied by Imran Khan’s sister saying the news reports are not more than rumors. She categorically rejected the report by some UK based newspapers. The newspaper claims that Farhat Javed Rabani, a journalist, has tweeted on 27th December saying that an anchor has married to a politician.

Ahmmm… an anchor has married a politician today… #WeddingBells <3 #HappinessAllAround 😉

— Farhat Javed Rabani (@Farhat_Javed) December 27, 2014

The news has been published in all leading newspapers of the world and some of them had put a question mark stating that

Has Imran Khan secretly married BBC weather girl?

Some of the newspapers have also declared it a fake news circulating in Pakistan.

Reham Khan BBC

Reham Khan has worked in BBC for some period as weather reports. After that she came back to Pakistan and started reporting on political events and now she appears on television as political analyst.

Reham Khan is already married to a doctor and have 3 children.

The political analysts demands that Imran Khan should issue an official statement on these rumors so that the rival political parties must not defame them.

Imran Khan has reacted to these rumors saying:

The reports of my marriage are greatly exaggerated

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) December 31, 2014