Khawaja Asif: We know the language that India understands

Four people have been killed in recent tense exchange of fire between Pakistan and India at the Sialkot and Shakargarh border area. Khawaja Asif told media that we know the language that India understands and we will talk in that language.

india pakistan tension

Among the four dead, a teenage girl was also martyred by the heavy fire from Indian side. This reaction is supposed to be in a recent move when a boat was blown up in India n ocean and Indian authorities claimed that the boat was from Pakistan and wanted to repeat the 26/11.

Although, the Indian media have reported that the boat was carrying alcohol and the boat was operated by smugglers.

On the Indian side, a woman was killed also.

According to Pakistan News Agencies, the teenager girl named Sumaira was resident of Zafarwal sector who was killed and an eight year old Mursaleen of Shakargarh sector was inured also.

The shelling in border area is a routine matter for the villagers but heaving shelling leads to deaths on both sides. Pakistani authorities claim hat Indian side acted first and killed or people.