Rules for Success and Startups

You will find people asking you to follow a career in an industry or government sector where you will get a fixed monthly salary. People will tel you do concentrate on your job as it will bring you a bright career and future. Success is in health, wealth and satisfaction.

success and startup

There are following things that one need to have in their minds before joining a career or offering others to have career in your startup.

  • Be flexible and don’t think of any career.
  • Pay and hire people who are smarter than you. Pick and pay them.
  • Do your current assignment or job with full potential. Just think you will do it for the whole life.
  • You need to fail if you want to be at the top.
  • If you think you are not fit for a job, then go and find the love you are passionate about it.
  • Learn from every one you meet, even if you get few minutes to chit chat.
  • Behave nicely with others. Build bridges and never burn any bridges.
  • Keep an eye and ear to everyone. Give more time to listen others and ask questions rather than putting your views in the talk.
  • Never deceive any one. People should follow you and it will be only possible when you are honest.
  • Work hard for your startup rather doing work for someone.

The above points have been collected from a number of sources from internet including the article written or spoken by Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban and Mir Muhammad Ali Khan.

Here are some definitions of success, choose any one that suits:

1. Success is having what you want and wanting what you have.

2. Success is having the people whom you love love you. Isn’t it reassuring that one of the wealthiest men in the universe doesn’t equate success with money?

I love the definition of success as defined by Mir Muhammad Ali Khan:

“Success is very ill defined around us. Many people think that accumulation of wealth is success, which is WRONG! Accumulation of wealth is a by-product of success. While, accumulation of health, happiness and satisfaction from your life is what success really is.”