SYSTEMS Limited Balloting Result on 9th January 2015

The shares of SYSTEMS limited will be given to only such applicants who will be considered successful in the balloting. The balloting of applications for shares of Systems Limited will be held tomorrow at Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi at 5 pm.

The share registrar THK Associates (PVT) Limited have issued the statistics of applications through AKD.

All applications above 500 shares are unsuccessful before balloting as the number of applicants for allotment of 500 shares are 3 times more than the available shares for general public

The statistics of number of applications are as under:

Applications for 500 shares: 18,611

Total number of shares applied by applicants for 500 shares: 9,305,500

Available Shares: 3,250,000

So the number of applicants for 1 share are 2.86.

The balloting results will be available here after 5pm tomorrow. It is estimated that the share price of Systems limited will be near Rs. 55 by June, 2015.

Balloting has been done today at Karachi and its results can be downloaded from the below link.


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