Who is Athar Yad Ali?

Athar Yad Ali has done a wonderful job on motor way by stopping the 22 wheeler truck which was driver less. Here is a brief introduction of Athar Yad Ali.

Athar Yad has graduated from Cornell University earning “Strategic Restaurant Management” and has served in a number of multi national companies including Pizza Hut Pakistan and Papa John’s Pakistan.

According to some online sources, Athar Yad Ali is politically related to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf as he has made the following picture as his cover photo on his social media account. His wife and family (two boys) also love to attend the rallies and protests against the government. It can be concluded that the whole family is fan of Imran Khan (PTI Chairman).

Athar Yaad Ali

His professional profile shows that he cares about Civil Rights and Social Action and Animal Welfare.

Athar did a wonderful job on motorway on January 3rd, 2015 by stooping a 22 wheeler truck.

According to his wife:

This happened on motorway salt range today. We saw a 22 wheeler driver and his 2nd Seater jumped out of it as the breaks of this monster failed. Athar Yad Ali ran and sat in it to take control and got it to safe stop after 2 km of trying different ways to stop it. He was appreciated by MW police and so many people who saw him doing this act of bravery.

His wife named Shaista Ali Khan shared the video on social media account and then media highlighted how he was able to stop that monster truck. She remembers her husband by calling “My Husband, My Hero“.

We salute Athar Yad Ali and his family for that brave act and saving lives of people traveling on motor way.

Here are some of the pictures of Athar Ali and his family.