A funny video on shortage of petrol in Pakistan

Pakistanis faced severe shortage of oil products especially petrol few days back. These guys have used the theme of petrol shortage for making fun of the government.

petrol shortage video

The petrol crises was observed in the mid January 2015 when the oil reserves in the country came to lower extremes and oil marketing companies also faced shortage of fuel.

The main reasons behind this shortage as identified by media and renowned journalists and politicians is the failure of government to supply funds to Pakistan State Oil for buying the petrol. As the oil prices were on decreasing trend in the International Oil Market, thus the government and oil marketing companies were waiting for further lowering of prices to prevent themselves from any inventory loss.

The situation was overcome by allowing CNG stations in Punjab to operate. The Government also managed to import petrol on priority basis and met the demand. AN inquiry is also being conducted by the government to find the real facts behind the mismanagement.

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