JIT report finds MQM as accused of Baldia Town Fire

Rangers and other intelligence agencies of Pakistan have prepared and issued A JIT report on the fire incident of Karachi factory in which MQM is involved killing 259 people. The JIT report can be downloaded and read which clearly mention names of persons who demanded 200 million as protection money from the owner of the factory.

baldia town fire report

“According to the JIT report, the MQM worker revealed that a “well-known party high official” had demanded Rs200 million as Bhatta (extortion money), DAWN news reports.

The news have been published in which they have mentioned name of MQM after the JIT report went viral on social media. The report was shared by top rivalry political parties including Jamaat e Islami official account. The JIT report confirms the news.

The political leaders of PTI, Jahangeer Tareen Khan and Dr. Arif Alvi, also shared their views on the involvement of MQM in he fire incident.

The factory was burnt after the owners of the factory refused to give that huge amount.

JIT Report on Karachi Fire Incident (By Rangers Sindh)

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