Punjab Government to induct lecturers in colleges of Punjab

The government of the Punjab has decided to recruit lecturer in the colleges of Punjab. The recruitment will be done through Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) in the coming months.

lecturers punjab posts

In first phase, 137 teachers in commerce colleges will be filled on 619 posts. The total number of lecturers to be selected in total are 4 thousand.

Besides lecturers, Assistant, Associate and Professors will be selected through PPSC for the colleges of Punjab. PPSC will soon be informed through proper channel to start the process test, interviews and procedure of selection of lecturers.

The hiring through PPSC will be conducted in a transparent manner. PPSC will advertise the posts in daily newspapers and also put the information on its website.

The recruitment of these lecturers will help the students of those colleges to get proper education. The government needs to recruit these lecturers as early as possible to help students getting better education.

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