Systems Limited (SYS) trading started at Karachi Stock Exchange

Systems held its IPO back in December 2014 and was given SYS symbol for listing at KSE. The trading in the shares of Systems Limited started on 3rd February 2015 and no share could be sold to the bidders. Systems Limited is listed under

At the end of the day, bidders have bid at Rs. 42 for near 9 million shares and no one was available to sell the share at that price. The demand for SYS will increase in the coming days as expected.

It is expected that as Avanceon has reached a high price of 42+, so Systems will be able to touch 60 by the end of this financial year. The market players are comparing Avanceon (AVN) and Systems Limited (SYS) which is resulting in increasing the share price of Avanceon and in return the upper locks to Systems limited are expected.

The huge demand shows that investors have demand for these small companies. The company operates in the niche of software development for local and foreign clients.

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