Bol News TV Launching on 1st Ramzan

Karachi: The CEO of Axact has announced the launch date of the most awaited news channel “Bol”. The channel will broadcast its live transmission from 1st Ramzan. The expected date of 1st Ramzan is 18th or 19th of June, 2015.

axact scandal

Bol News has attracted the public by advertisements thorough social media and on public vehicles. A number of renowned journalists have also joined the Bol News Team.

The recent scandal published in NYT has posed a set back to the Axact which is the prime owner of the Bol Network.

The video message of CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh condemned the fake news published in the NYT and shown his anger over the local saiths involved behind this news. He also announced the date of Bol News channel in front of the employees of Axact and Bol.

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