ICI Pakistan Summer Internship Program 2015

ICI Pakistan offers Summer Internship Program 2015 for students and graduated persons. The applications can be submitted online at ICI Pakistan website.

ici pakistan internships

A summer internship program is a great way of finding out what is available at ICI Pakistan once you graduate. It lets us see your talents and potential too. Based on your qualifications and degree, you will be placed in one of our four businesses, for a period of six weeks.

Regardless of what business or department you are recruited in, you will be given a real taste of life at the heart of the firm.

Selection Criteria:

  • Students currently enrolled in a Masters Program from a reputed university
  • Students currently enrolled in Bachelor in Computer Sciences, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering
  • Minimum CGPA of 3.0

Application Procedure:

Applications for summer internships can be submitted online at the following link.

Apply Now!

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