maryam nawaz daughter marriage

Mehr un Nisa, Daughter of Maryam Nawaz, got Married

Mehr un Nisa, the daughter of Maryam Nawaz, tied her knot with Raheel Muneer (son of a renowned merchant of Lahore). A large number of politicians, actors, business were invited besides other special invitations issued to close family members.

Mehrun Nisa Marriage Pic

Overall, 1500 people have been invited there. The pictures received from the venue shows that Ishaq Dar, Nasim Vickey along with other actors were found there.

For security and other measures, more than 1000 policemen and 250 traffic wardens are performing duties en route to the marriage venue at Jati Umra, Raiwand. Special police has also been deployed there.

maryam nawaz daughter marriage

Maryam Nawaz was photographed wearing a lot of ornaments. Pictures from the marriage ceremony will be updated later on here.

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