youth cuts hand

Blasphemy: Youth Cut Off his Hand

A young boy named Anwar cut off his hand after he mistakenly raised his hand when a question was asked in a gathering. The question which could be construed as blasphemy, a report in the local media said on Thursday. The incident took place after a Mehfil e Naat in which Anwar misheard the question asked by cleric.

youth cuts hand

Anwar, 15, was attending a milad where the cleric, during the sermon, asked a rhetorical question, whether there was anyone who did not love the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Anwar, misheard the question and raised his hand. The cleric berated him on the spot for being a blasphemer.

Anwar went straight home and put his hand in a fodder cutting machine. He cut off the hand and presented it to the cleric in a plate.

Later, he said that he thought that the cleric was asking to raise his hand if he believed in the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and loved him, which is why he had raised his hand.

He said that he wanted it to be beyond any doubt that he was not a blasphemer, which is why he had cut off his hand.

This story was published in Today’s Daily Newspapers.

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