last date pmnls 2016

Two Days Left for HEC Laptop Registration

The Higher education Commission portal for registering and updation of records of students enrolled in masters and bachelors (also colleges) will be closing on 10th Jan 2016.

HEC announced the last date which was further extended to ensure all eligible students get their records online before the distribution of laptops starts Finally, HEC will close fresh registrations after 10th of this month.

he students were required to enter their personal details (CNIC, Email, Mobile Number) and all academic record including their arks / CGPA along with institution and department.

The data after submission is to be verified from the concerned departments of the universities. Only one email could be used for each registration.

HEC has already awarded contract of provision of laptops to HAIER Pakistan. It is expected that distributions will start in a coupe of months for all those students who are eligible and their submitted data stands verified from the concerned quarters.

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