Syed Kashan Haider Gilani

UAF Expels Student Over Facebook Post

The University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF) expelled a student of Ph.D. over a controversial statement on Facebook. The student has been allegedly “defaming” the prestige of the university on social media. Syed Kashan Haider Gilani was currently enrolled in Ph.D. program of the university and is Gold Medalist during Bachelors and Silver Medalist during Masters.


Mr. Gilani is from Mian Channu, Punjab who has been studying in UAF in the field of Agriculture Extension. He is one of the top students of his department.

The notice issued to Mr. Gilani reads the reason for his expulsion as ‚Äúdefaming university image on programs arranged in connection with Kisan Mela 2015, spreading wrong information, misleading student community on social media, showing disrespect to university and its administration, initiating an undesirable/unwanted debate about programs on social media, damaging repute and bringing bad name to university.”


It is known that the University of Agriculture holds a number of events naming them to be KISAM MELA that costs millions of rupees. However, the number of farmers attending the conventions and MELAS are a big question mark.

Mr. Gilani takes these events as futile therefore he has been struck off from university rolls. His entry in the university has also been banned.

The universities should maintain an environment keeping the basic right of expression of feelings and criticism, no matter it is from the student or from the media.

The news is based on a report and video published by Samaa News.

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