The City Schools Pakistan Planning IPO

The City Schools Pakistan have planned to hold Initial Public Offer (IPO) for listing its shares on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) to generate enough funds for expansion.

The private Education sector has been playing a vital role in providing teaching facilities for students as government schools are lagging behind in facilities, staff, quality and results, for various reasons. In such scenario, a number of school systems have surfaced and The City Schools are among the top.

The CEO of City Schools, Ms. Farzana Firoz, explained her vision for further expansions of their schools in other parts of country never touched yet and to ensure all requisite facilities to be provided to students in rented buildings of their schools. A number of City School campuses are being run in rented bungalows and the administration want to build new purpose build campuses in near future.

The expansion and provision of facilities require huge amount of investment and IPO has bene taken as best way to generate the requisite money.

The City Schools:

Currently, The City Schools are running a country vide network of 186 campuses in 54 cities of Pakistan where international; curriculum is practiced.

The listing of City Schools will expand the vision and scope of Pakistan Stock Exchange as no educational institution has been listed till date.

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