Eco Cooler: The AC without electricity

Air conditioners are adding high electricity bills these days and the solution to overcome the plight has been invented by Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. Eco Cooler has been designed to lower inside temperature from outside.

The design and manufacturing of Eco Cooler is easy and can be made by simple things. Plastic bottles (any branded drink bottles), 2 mm density wood board, cutter, scale and time to made it.

The Eco cooler are already working in thousands of houses in Bangladesh where the temperature is lowered by 5 degree Celsius (as per reports).

“After initial tests, blueprints of the Eco-Cooler were put up online for everyone to download for free. Raw materials are easily available, therefore, making Eco-Coolers a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution”, said Syed Gousul Alam Shaon, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Grey Dhaka.

Such Air conditioners can be useful where air flow is regular and especially the areas where there is not electricity. Though their is very less cost attached with making his unit, a try is must!

To construct it, plastic bottle is cut in half and it fixed on the wooden board in which holes were made already. The step is repeated for all the wholes. The idea work simply following the principle that the hot air when flowing through the bottle necks, gets compressed and the temperature of air is dropped.

The detailed diagram of making Eco Cooler is given below:

Making Eco Cooler

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