CSS Upper Age Limit Increased

Islamabad: Cabinet has approved the proposal for increase in CSS upper age limit for all aspirants from  2017 and onward. In a recent tweet by the Minister, he confirmed that “Cabinet approves increase in upper age limit from 28 to 30 years for CSS exams to benefit youth from backward areas & higher qualification”.

Earlier, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had rejected the proposal for increasing 2 years in upper age limit. The Planning Commission was advised to approach the cabinet for approval.

However, there is ambiguity whether candidates from all districts of Pakistan will be allowed this extension of upper age limit or some “backward” districts which might be announced by the ministry soon.

On social media, the CSS aspirants have strongly criticized Mr. Ahsan Iqbal on using the word “backward” in his announcement. It is hoped that a clarification in this context may arrive soon.

Ahsan Iqbal’s ministry had earlier delivered a presentation in this regard and also presented their proposal for reform in the Central Superior Services (CSS) examination.

The Planning Commission of Pakistan under the chair of Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal are working on the reform and a number of structural changes in the criteria, examination and performance improvement of the civil bureaucracy.

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