This Pictures is Not from Burma

Muslims all over the world are enjoying the holy month of Ramzan. This year, the Muslims of Sub Continent have been fasting in the month of June and a few days of July. The intense heat and pre monsoon season also falls in this period. While, load shedding still a big problem for the citizens of Pakistan and no extraordinary improvement in electricity provision is seen.

This Holy month is observed with holy spirit by enthusiastic Muslims. Pre Dawn meal (Suhoor) is eaten and no food (drinks/food) is taken during the full day and fast breaks with Maghrib time (Sunset). This practive is obsrved during the whole Islamic Month of Ramzan.

Muslims take this month as a month of blessing so huge number of Muslims attend mosques. A special prayer “Taraweeh” is also a part of this Islamic month which is performed by the Muslims after Isha Prayer.

The intense heat wave and lesser rains during this month have made people to look for the mosques having Air Conditioners installed in them. In major cities, almost all big mosques have Air Conditioners while few Mosques have also Air Coolers.

It has been observed that mosques installed with such cooling equipment attracts more Muslims (as seen).

A picture has been going viral on internet which really describes the situation after Isha Prayers. The pictures is truly representative of the pathetic services of government as the citizens of Pakistan are continuously suffering from electricity load management (Load Shedding), even in this Holy month.

Mosque in Ramzan (Lahore)

Location: E Block Mosque, Punjab University, Lahore

May Allah bless Pakistan!

PS: This blog truly describes the sufferings faced by people especially Muslims of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan during the Holy and Spiritual Month of Ramzan.

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