Qandeel Baloch: Wedding Pictures Spread on Social Media

The social media during last few days is talking about internet sensation lady “Qandeel Baloch”. Earlier, her selfie and video scandal with Mufti Abdul Qawwi led her to national television news channels. Now, social media saw pictures of her marriage and his son along with er passport and Nikah Nama.

Qandeel with Husband

The real identity of Qandeel Baloch has been surfaced as Fozia Azeem, who was married at the age of 17, to Mr. Ashif from Kot Addu (Muzaffargarh). They had a baby “Mishal” from their wedlock.

Qandeel Marriage

Her husband revealed that Fozia Azeem (Qandeel Baloch) had one marriage before marrying him. That marriage also could not last long.

Unfortunately,their marriage could not last long and ended up in divorce demanded by her.

While she talked to a news tv and alleged that her husband used to beat her and domestic violence led to her demand for divorce. Further, she was quite young at the time of marriage and wanted to study and grow further.

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