Uber: Hype Created by UberEidi and OwlPost

Do you want to have Eidi by Uber? You could have get that if you were so lucky enough as the craziest stunt by Uber only had around 25 gifts for thousands of Lahori users. The hype was created to market OwlPost among users of Uber in the name of Eidi.

As per sources, there was only ONE driver named “Asif” having almost 25 GIFTS and mostly delivered in the adjoining areas of Gulberg and Garden Town.

Why calling it a hype? Lets have something from the email received by users. Uber informed that they have a partnership with OwlPost. Just notice the following two statements present in the single email.

Just in the starting paragraph they said:

“This Saturday, the 2nd Of July, from 8 PM to 11 PM we’ll be bringing you a FREE gift box from OwlPost by requesting through the UberEIDI option in the app.”

Now, going down to know the process of requesting, they informed it as:

“Open the Uber app at any time during 3 PM to 5 PM this Saturday and swipe the slider to ‘UberEIDI’.”

This is discrepancy in the email, just to let people search for OwlPost and UberEidi option in the app from 3 pm. The users were distracted in this way too. And more than that, they had emailed almost all users of Uber from Lahore for this event.

Furthermore, a number of people have complaints that the only driver (Asif) choose the nearest users. Lets say, the user (lets say from Valencia Town, PCSIR or even Johar Town) was so lucky that the system connected the request with the driver, but the driver cancelled the request within minutes as the trip was more than 10 minutes. Not even showing with any specific reason.

Now, coming towards the publicity done for this event and the number of prizes and car dedicated for this event.

Uber had only ONE driver for this event and one can estimate the reach of one driver in 3 hours. They only had around 25 gifts in the name of #UberEidi. Further, the option for UberEidi showed up around 7:55 pm and was removed around 10:32 pm, so a total of 2 hours and 37 minutes were given to the users. This was also against the rules described by them.

Hello Uber, did you know, how many persons used the hashtags (#UberEidi and #OwlPost) you set for this event. As per our research, only TWO persons. Were you ready for that? Uber needed to have something learnt before starting the promotion that these type of promotions can create negative image of a company too (if they use it as a source of PROMOTION only). Companies prefer first come, first serve basis for such promotions. However, Uber decided against this as people should try for the 3 hours set for this event.

Uber, grow up! These type of fake promotions for a company you don’t even own will neither help both to grow rapidly.

The good thing is that new users can sign up for Uber and get a discount of Rs. 100 for their first 3 rides. Read more for the process to sign up and getting discount.

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