COMSATS Virtual Campus Withdraws All Scholarships

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (Virtual Campus) has withdrawn all sort of scholarships awarded to the students. The scholarships were provided to the students on merit in preceding semesters.

Now, all scholarships have been stopped. It has also been learnt that the Virtual Campus of COMSATS is looking into the fee structure so that the needy students may be given some space. It is also pertinent to mention that COMSATS Virtual Campus has not taken admissions this year.

The notification has been issued vide No. CI IT-VC/DTR/Notifi-16-08/01 dated August 30, 2016 stating:

It is hereby notified that all types of Scholarships being offered through Virtual Campus stand withdrawn by respective agency(ies) from this day onward. However, Virtual Campus will keep extending its support to financially deprived students likewise, upon fulfilling the needs based criteria.

In light of the above it is apprised that standard fee structure will be applicable to all students as per respective notification(s).

The notification was issued by Deputy Treasurer VComsats, Muhammad Arshad. The copy of notification can be seen below:

Comsats Scholarships

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